Elf Happy Panda

REF : FPJ830

Elf Happy Panda

Elf: the soft baby doll for early learning

When my parents held my Elf soft baby doll out to me for the first time, they gave it a little rattle. Straight away, I heard a little tinkling sound that made me smile. So I could hear it again, I grabbed my Elf soft baby doll by its hat, jiggled it and the little bell tinkled again! I do this every day and I wonder where the tinkling noise comes from.

My Elf soft baby doll is so light that I can easily clutch it by its arms and legs. I hug it and I love the fact it's so soft! As soon my nose comes close to its realistic, reassuring face, I feel myself wrapped in the soft vanilla scent. This scent comforts me, even when my parents are far away.

My Elf soft baby doll is small (10") so I can take it with me everywhere I go; I never want us to be apart! My Elf and I are inseparable. Because even if I leave it somewhere, it will be returned to me as it has a label for writing my name or my parents' telephone number.

Machine washable. Gentle cycle.

mon doudou Corolle: Friends forever. From birth.