Corolle dolls are beautiful and beautifully made, but they also have a special something extra -- that French touch that makes all the difference.

Just like in an haute couture fashion house, Corolle has a design studio where a team of stylists, inspired by the latest fashions for real children, sketches their designs and selects the fabrics that will bring them to life.


Attention to Details

Corolle’s design team pays careful attention to each and every detail – from the color of a doll’s eyes to the size of its freckles – to create dolls that look and feel as real as possible, dolls for children to fall in love with and cherish forever.


What Makes Corolle Special

Because children develop a strong bond with their dolls, Corolle dolls are made to withstand all the loving and hugs they inspire.

Corolle attaches the utmost importance to quality and safety at every stage in the production process.  

Many of us at Corolle are parents, too, and our number one priority as a company is the safety of the children who play with our products. 

Exacting tests and quality procedures ensure that Corolle products meet or exceed all mandatory and voluntary safety standards in Europe, the United States and Canada.