Caring for Your Corolle Doll

Simple care will keep your Corolle doll fresh, clean and ready for a lifetime of hugs.

How to Clean your Doll

Babi Corolle

A snuggly that goes everywhere Baby goes will need to be freshened up from time to time; fortunately, the entire Babicorolle collection is machine-washable! Allow to air dry naturally; do NOT tumble dry and do NOT place on a radiator to dry.


Cloth or Vinyl Dolls
These dolls like sponge baths with a damp washcloth or a gentle/mild towelette (chlorine- and bleach-free, please!). Like Corolle snugglies, they must be allowed to air dry naturally. Do NOT put them in a clothes dryer or place them on a radiator to dry.

NOTE: Our interactive dolls (ie., those with built-in battery compartments) must be kept away from water. Surface wash them with a damp cloth only.
Even though it might sound like fun, we strongly recommend resisting the temptation to draw on the doll’s vinyl body with ink: it will not come off!

Mon Premier Bébé Bath

These dolls are specially designed to go in the bath. When bathtime play is over and to accelerate the drying process, make sure there is no water left in the doll’s head by pressing (gently) on the doll’s temples. Use the tab sewn on its back to hang the doll up to dry, much like you would a washcloth after the bath.NOTE: Mon Premier Bébé Bath must be allowed to air dry naturally.


bébé bath care

Hair Care

Washing your doll’s hair

Dolls don’t really like shampoo or conditioner (not to mention bleach or chlorine!). To wash your doll’s hair, use a simple lather of mild soap and lukewarm water.

Drying your doll’s hair

Do not use hairdryers, no heat styling, no curling irons either! Allow your doll’s hair to air dry naturally: no radiators, no tumble drying, please.

Styling your doll’s hair

Use a toy brush or comb to style your doll’s hair.